Martina Koederitz – The Cognitive Enterprise

Martina Koederitz is IBM Global Industry Managing Director, Industrial and Automotive. From April 2013 to January 2018 she was General Manager of IBM Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thus responsible for the DACH region. Previously, she was member of the board and Vice President Sales IBM Germany and since 2011 General Manager of IBM.
From 2009 to 2010, Martina worked as Vice President General Business & Channel, IMT Germany, which comprises hardware, software and services solutions and the collaboration with business partners. Before, she filled the position of Vice President IBM Systems and Technology Group (STG) in IMT Germany.

innomaniacs: Digital transformation affects all industries and companies. How does the digital transformation influence IBM and IBM solutions?

Martina Koederitz: Customer expectations have placed tremendous pressure on business leaders to change the way they set their strategies and run their organizations. New requirements to incorporate information quickly drives up costs and complexity.

Business leaders have long used information technology to improve productivity and efficiency, reach new markets and optimize supply chains. What’s new is that customer expectations have also changed. People everywhere are using social networks to find jobs and restaurants, lost friends and new partners – and, as citizens, to achieve common political goals.

To get started on digital transformation, businesses should ask:

· How can our business best respond to this shift?
· How can we take advantage of the opportunity to innovate and grow?
· How can we do all this cost efficiently?

How do you make sure you find the right answers for the challenges of your customers?

Our business strategists leverage a proven approach and a base of deep research to help clients innovate their business model by rethinking how customers define value and understanding the changes organizations must make to their value chain in the digital era. We analyze and build strategies for clients that address new and existing markets, improve marketing, sales, service effectiveness and optimize cross-channel interactions to create a differentiated customer experience

How can IBM help other companies to master the challenges of digitization and explore their full potential?

The path to transformation will vary by industry. Those able to implement new business models based on customer input can win first choice of talent, partners and resources. We believe this model will define industry leaders that can stay far ahead of new and existing competitors

Which emerging technologies and trends will influence the future of IBM the most?

As one set of digital trends mature and become the norm, the next wave beyond digitization has already begun. We are on the cusp of the next big shift in business architectures as the rise of new technologies with exponential impact– including artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, robotic process automation, virtual and augmented intelligence, 3D printing and others – are teeing up the next era.

This next revolutionary change is bringing forth what we call “The Cognitive Enterprise.”

This shift will take the digital wave that business and governments are currently surfing to the next level, and transform the way that firms add value and sustain their differentiation. This next revolutionary change is bringing forth what we call “The Cognitive Enterprise.” This new business architecture will leverage proprietary data, unique platforms and specialist expertise to achieve its goals.

How do you want to shape the IBM automotive and industrial business in the next 1-2 years?

Over the next few years you can expect IBM digital capabilities to be embedded across the entire automotive value chain. For example, we are using IBM Watson and AI capabilities to assist with maintenance and repairs to ensure vehicles are running at optimal performance or are fixed correctly. We are also creating a more predictive and personalized vehicle experience, as seen recently with the partnership we did with Local Motors to co-develop #AccessibleOlli.  This all-electric, partially 3D-printed, autonomous vehicle has a retractable wheelchair ramp, software that can process sign language and displays inside offering simplified information and reminders for people with cognitive disabilities like memory loss.

Lastly, we are introducing agile methods and Design Thinking as a way to co-create with OEMs and tier one-partners, in six- to eight-week cycles to develop completely new sets of mobility solutions. For instance, late last year Volkswagen unveiled “We Commerce,” this integrated service will provide drivers with recommendations for action at the right place and time. After the customer’s permission has been obtained, the cognitive abilities of the IBM solution will ensure that these services learn from the driver’s preferences and habits in order to make recommendations that are as personalized as possible.

More about Martina Koederitz:

Martina Koederitz started her career at IBM in 1987 as system consultant and was appointed to Sales Manager in Financial Services Sector after holding several positions in systems consultancy and sales management within IBM. Since 1999, she held the position of Business Unit Executive and was responsible for the sales organization of the cooperative financial services network. In 2003, Martina Koederitz was appointed to Vice President of IBM zSeries Sales EMEA and since 2006 she worked as Vice President of System z Sales in Germany. After that, she worked as a Client Advocacy Executive in the office of then IBM CEO Sam Palmisano in Armonk, New York.

Martina Koederitz holds a degree in Business Administration (BA). Additionally to her position within the Steering Committee of the German Industry association (BDI) and the IT association BITKOM, she is active in numerous organizations, including the Donors’ Association for German Science, VDMA and the association Stiftung Rechnen. In September 2015 she was honored with the Mestemacher Award Manager of the Year.