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Other great blogs about innovation

www.paul4innovating.com by Paul Hobcraft

Paul writes and contributes different views on innovation and its management through his own blog, Paul4innovating.com and contributes into the different and leading providers of innovation knowledge. Find him @paul4innovating or through his business, Agility Innovation Specialists.

www.innovationfixer.co.uk by Dr. Kevin McFarthing

Innovation Fixer helps companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation management.

www.innovationinpractice.com by Drew Boyd

For thousands of years, inventors have embedded five simple patterns into their inventions, usually without knowing it. These patterns are the “DNA” of products that can be extracted and applied to any product or service to create new-to-the-world innovations. Drew Boyd shares how to use this effective, repeatable, and trainable innovation process for organic growth.


We are strong believers in treating innovation management as any other management discipline — one that can be learned and used as a sustainable strategy for creating long-term value. InnovationManagement.se facilitates the collaboration and sharing of knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners and professionals aiming to bring the discipline of innovation to their organization.

www.integrative-innovation.net by Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

Modern innovation management and digital transfomation require integration of complementary – occasionally conflicting – strategies, capabilities, stakeholders or mindsets. The awarded Integrative Innovation blog is the top source providing innovation practitioners with cutting-edge ideas and advice on balanced approaches for modern environments. A unique focus of Integrative Innovation adresses dual corporate innovation management, being increasingly sought after by organizations to stay ahead today and in the future. The blog is authored by Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr. He can also be followed on Twitter under @ralph_ohr.